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5 Section Taijiquan Posts

What are Core Principles?

‘5 Section Taijiquan Core Principles’

(Wuduan Taijiquan Hexin Dìnglu 五段核心定律)

Taijiquan Core Principles are descriptions of the essential criteria for practice based on natural laws governing human structure, movement, and function. They are trainable concepts meant to be integrated into any and all taijiquan solo and partner practices.

Core-principles exercises can be used in form- practice sessions as warmups or they can be trained independently. One’s experience of the art is enhanced when one practices according to taijiquan core principles.

The study of Taijiquan Core Principles would include:

  • The Five Words of Self-composure

  • Joints and segments

  • How to stand

  • How to sink down and rise up

  • Stance, including stance types, properties of stance, transitions and the hip track.

  • The yin-yang continuum

  • Relative and carried movement



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