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These are some of the people that have contributed to this site

The 'Kelly Painting'                     Sae Otomo

The 'Five Guys'                          John Camp

Overview Graphic Design          Yanira Rodriguez

Form Models

Solo Barehand Yang Form         Kelly Maclean

Partner Barehand Form             Kelly Maclean & David Amador

Solo Sword Form                       Jill Heath

Partner Sword Form                  Jill Heath & Javier Arnanz  

Solo Chen Form                        Adriaan Blaauw

Site development                       Patrick Foley

Site concept                               Sam Masich 

5 Section Taijiquan Program      Sam Masich, Liang Shou-Yu, Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming, Eston Hospedales, Chantal Fafard,     

technical development               Javier Arnanz, Trude Smoor & Yanira Rodriguez

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