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Get ready for two extraordinary events in the U.K.

We're very exited to annouce two four-day, all-inclusive events, where you can meet, practise, and share together with taijiquan enthusiasts and experts from around the world! Based at Sparsholt College, Winchester U.K., The first event will run from Saturday 10th August to Tuesday 13th; the second event will run from Thursday 15th August to Sunday 18th. Wednesday 14th August is a day off.

Week One Aug. 10-13 (Four Days) 5 Section Taijiquan Workshop

with Sam Masich 

In this first four-day event, we will explore 5 Section Taijiquan core-principles through solo and partner training. Learn new solo exercises to support your forms and enjoy lots of fun and gentle partner work with good-spirited taiji playmates. This Masterclass is an opportunity to play and share with Taiji people from many backgrounds¸—half the fun is in the informal after-event get togethers!

Week Two Aug. 15-18 (Four Days)  Three Masters, Three Styles: Chen, Yang & Wu Taijiquan 

with Masters Gianfranco Pace, Sam Masich, & Paul Silfverstråle

​Taijiquan reached the West in the 1940s and in the past 85 years has grown greatly in its popularity. As a result many 'homegrown masters' have emerged. This four-day event is an opportunity to train with three of the best examples of highly dedicated and skilled experts. Coming from Italy, Canada, and Sweden, Gianfranco, Sam, and Paul will share practices and insights into the three major styles of taijiquan. As well, there will be a special presentation—Taijiquan: Journey to the West—describing the history of the art's movement from China to the rest of the world.

You may attend one or both of the events as a residential or day visitor. Staying at the venue includes full bed and board, and benefits from being able to enjoy the company of other taijiquan players during the evening, whether it's practising or just sharing experiences together. Not to be missed!


• 5 Section Workshop (August 10-13) 4-nights residential £650 (Check-in from 4pm Aug. 9)

• 3 Masters 3 Styles (August 15-18) 4-nights residential £650 (Check-in from 4pm Aug. 14)

• All Events (August 10-18) 9-nights residential £1250

• 5 Section Workshop (August 10-13) 4-days non-residential £385

• 3 Masters 3 Styles (August 15-18) 4-days non-residential £385

• All Events (August 10-18) 8-days non-residential £735

Lunch and dinner is included for day attendees


For more information visit:



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