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Taiji Sensing Sword

5 Section Taiji Sensing Sword

(Wuduan Taiji Juejian)

Sensing sword or juejian is a practice method for exploring the basic connection skills that can be found in the 5 Section Partner Sword form. As with sensing hands practices, simple, non-competitive exercises are used to develop tactile and kinesthetic ‘listening’ skills through the sword. The goal of juejian is the development of ‘sticking and adhering’ skills, leading to an ability to ‘comprehend energy’ for the purposes of self-cultivation and self-defence.

In the practice of traditional taijijian, students eventually graduate from solo sword form to partner sword work and taiji fencing skills. In 5 Section Taijiquan, these fundamentals are addressed through a unique preliminary-level curriculum which focuses on the early 'sensing' (jue) elements of two person sword work. In contrast to traditional curriculum training, sensing sword practices may be introduced to students as soon as they have learned the Solo Sword Form.

The sensing-sword practice ‘free-binding’ is of great value in fostering comfort and confidence when it comes to bridging the gap between solo and partner sword training. It clearly reveals principles which are often under regarded in solo-sword practice and assists one greatly in the mastery of the 5 Section Partner Sword Form. Juejian practice provides an excellent foundation for traditional taiji sword training.



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