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5 Section Taijiquan Posts

Solo Barehand Yang-style Form

5 Section Taijiquan Solo Barehand Form—Yang-style

(Wuduan Yang-shi Taijiquan)

Beginner Level, 20 Forms

The choreography of the 5 Section Taijiquan Yang-style Solo Bare-hand Form in twenty movements provides the template for each of the other 5 Section Taijiquan forms. The 5 Section Solo Form is an edited version of the 1956 ‘Beijing Simplified 24 Taijiquan’. It has been re-choreographed to delete difficult and repetitive forms, allowing beginners to concentrate more easily on the taijiquan ‘core-principles’ that inform other parts of the 5 Section Taijiquan curriculum.

Wuduan Yang-shi Taijiquan is a short ‘Yang-style’ Solo Bare-hand Form that provides the structural foundation for the 5 Section Partner Bare-hand Form, the 5 Section Solo Sword Form and the 5 Section Chen-style Solo Bare-hand Form each of which can be studied as an intermediate level follow-up. 

Like many forms of taijiquan, traditional and modern, the 5 Section Solo Bare-hand Form is based on movements commonly found in traditional Yang-style taijiquan. By learning it, students are preparing themselves for studies in many other areas of the art. Because of its strong focus on core-principles this easy-to-learn form can also be used by students of any style as a way of revisiting taijiquan basics.



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