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5 Section Taijiquan Posts

Solo Sword Form

5 Section Taijiquan Solo Sword Form

(Wuduan Taijijian)

Beginner-Intermediate, 27 Forms

Study of the 5 Section Taijiquan Solo Sword Form brings a new dimension to solo form training. Along with the many fascinating skills particular to the sword, taijiquan players can improve their ability to ‘support using structure’ as they extend intention into the jian. In China, the sword art is respected as profound and subtle, and figures into the country’s history, folklore and performance culture. In terms of self-cultivation, the sword is associated with cutting through illusion and attachment as as much as it is with martial efficacy.

Study of the Wuduan Taijijian is one of several ways to explore taijiquan ‘core-principles’ preparing taijiquan players for more advanced parts of the 5 Section Taijiquan curriculum such as Sensing-sword and the 5 Section Partner Sword Form. The 5 Section Taijiquan solo and partner sequences can also be used to augment taijiquan programs that are lacking in sword material. As importantly, the 5 Section Taijiquan Solo Sword Form can function as an excellent preparation for sword and other apparatus training found in traditional styles of taijiquan.



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